May updates 📺 It's finally here - Picture in Picture 🖼️

What is Picture in Picture

During the past few months, our team has worked hard to release a highly requested feature that allows you to stream within an inset window, freeing the rest of the screen for other tasks.

This feature is designed keeping in mind our collectors who want to engage in other activities while enjoying a live show in the app. Make sure you're on the latest version of the app to start using it right away.

Never miss a Voggt moment again

Ever found yourself in a situation where you'd get an email or a text half way through a Voggt show and had to leave only to come back thinking did you miss out on a bid on your favourite collectable?

Well those days are gone!

  • With Picture in Picture, if you leave the app when in the middle of a show, the audio will continue and the live show will be shrunken down to the corner so you can easily check your messages. 
  • This feature also allows you to collapse the live show while you're in the app, allowing you to search for your next item or rate the ones you've received before

You can easily minimise the live show screen in 2 ways:


  • Simply swipe down to collapse the main screen while you multitask

See this feature in action here.

Behind the scenes:

Our sellers have two options to choose from when going live. Depending on the choice they make, in some cases, the picture-in-picture feature might not work. Our team is working on deploying a fix in the upcoming weeks, so everyone can benefit from this feature at all times. 

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