Troubleshooting 🛠️ Login and Account issues

Verifying your email address

At the sign up stage, you’ll need to verify your email address with us in order to be able to log into your account.

Once you sign up and create a password, you’ll get an email with a confirmation link included — once you click on that link, you’re officially part of the Voggt community. 


If for any reason the verification link you get via email isn’t clickable, please follow the steps below to contact our support team.

Logging into your account

If you’re unable to log into your Voggt account, we’d recommend you go through the following checklist:

  • Make sure you add the country code in front of your phone number (e.g. +44 for UK)
  • Check if there was an error in your email address — no gaps to the either side of the email
  • Try resetting your password
  • Try uninstalling / reinstalling the app and then reset your password

When resetting your password, you should choose a mix of upper and lower case letters, characters and numbers — for example Newpassword123?.

If you’re still having issues accessing or logging into your account , contact us via the support form and let us know of  your username and the phone number.. Our support team will then look into this for you.

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