Getting Started ⚡ Buying on Voggt

Voggt offers a unique experience based on live auctions, where buyers bid on the products presented by sellers during live streams.

To ensure auctions run smoothly, we ask users who wish to bid to meet the following requirements:

  • Create a customer account to access the Voggt app.
  • Add a payment method: You are required to provide a payment method before you can bid. Once you win the bid, the order value is automatically withdrawn from the selected payment account. 
  • Add a delivery address: Since your payment goes through as soon as the auction is won, Voggt will require you add your delivery address for the seller to promptly ship your item.

For more on how to add details to your account, read our article here

Once you have added all the necessary information to your account, you'd simply log into the app, select a show and bid on the products you like!

Optimised search bar

Our the team had worked hard to optimise the search bar, so all collectors can now search by a specific product, show or seller profile in our app. To maximise the chances of winning your bid, you can simply find a product you'd really want and bid on it before anyone else does.

  • If you bid the highest amount, you will immediately secure your position as the first bidder in the show. 
  • If outbid, you can still bid again during the live and make sure you secure the collectable you're after

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See you soon in the app for new auctions!

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