Troubleshooting 🛠️ Payment Issues

Sometimes, when you win an auction, your payment might not go through — usually this is to do with the cap your bank has set up on your daily transactions.

Not to worry, you have 72h to proceed with the payment before the order is canceled.

To relaunch the payment:

  • Go to the "Orders" tab of the app
  • Click on the "Payment pending" banner
  • Click on "Retry payment"

If the payment still isn’t going through, you can try to:

  • Call your bank to see if they blocked the  payments
  • Raise your spending threshold
  • Choose a different payment method

Please, note that:

  • You can't place new bids if you have a pending payment
  • You can contact support to cancel the order before the 72h delay if you want to place any new bids

If the option to relaunch your payment isn't showing anymore, please reach out to the support team and we can look into this for you.

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