Sneakers 👟 Terms to know

The world of sneakers, like all collections, has its own jargon. 

Here are some essential terms to remember quickly to become a sneaker expert!

On the condition of a pair of sneakers:

  • Dead Stock With Tag (DSWT): New, untried, with tag
  • Dead Stock (DS): New, untried, without tag
  • Very Near Dead Stock (VNDS) : New, just tried on
  • Score from 0 to 10 : Condition rating by the seller

On the description of a pair of sneakers:

  • True to Size (TTS): The pair fits normally, neither big nor small
  • Grade School (GS):Models available in small size (35.5 to 40 EU)
  • Original All (OG All): With all available accessories
  • Legit: Authentic
  • Colour Way (CW): Colour of a model
  • Shape: The silhouette of a pair

On the sneaker market:

  • Retail price: Initial sales price in stores.
  • Resell price: Price of the pair on the secondary market.
  • Release date: Official release date of a pair.
  • Sold out : Out of stock (on the retail market).

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