Rating an order

On Voggt, your orders  are automatically tracked based on the tracking number provided by the seller.

Once the parcel is marked as "Delivered", go to the "Orders" tab:

  • Find the order
  • Click on "Yes, I confirm" if you received the parcel
  • Give a rating from 1 to 5 stars and leave a comment
  • Click on "Next"


If you’d like to see the seller's rating, you can:

  • Enter their username and see the average rating on the top left corner
  • Click on the seller profile to see the average rating and the number of ratings


At this stage, the comments can't be seen in the app but we are working on something to be released soon!

Note : Once you leave a review, it can't be edited again or removed by either the community or the care team at the moment — we're working on this. In the meantime, try to be kind and if any issues need resolving, get in touch with the care team prior to leaving a review and we can see if we can sort it out for you. 

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