👟 Authenticating my sneaker purchase?

In order to ensure that the pair of sneakers you receive matches the one presented during the auction, Voggt advises buyers to follow a few simple steps.

Once the sneakers arrive, you should:

  • Film the unpacking of the order just in case there’s an issue with the items
  • Check the label on the shoe box.
  • Check that the number on the zip-tie matches the one shown during the show. Sellers are asked to seal one of the shoes with a numbered orange Voggt zip-tie as a unique identifier.
  • Check the condition of the shoes, including the seams on the sides and heel, the inner label and the bottom of the sole.
  • Check that all accessories are present.

In case of any issues you can get through to us using our support form and attach the video you recorded when opening the package and mention any issues spotted.

Our Care team will then compare your recording with the item shown during the auction and address the issue.

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