Becoming a seller

If you’ve joined the Voggt community as a buyer, have a collection you’d like to sell and love hosting shows, you could join a community of our sellers!

To become a seller on Voggt and share your passion with other collectors, first ensure you create a buyer account, by following the steps described here. Then go to “My Account” → “Sell on Voggt” from the app and fill in the quick questionnaire.

Our dedicated seller team will take the time to on board each seller on our tools, especially our Seller Studio which allows sellers to launch auctions and manage orders.

You can also apply to become a professional seller on the platform by filling out this form — our seller team will then ensure you join the community of our pro sellers in the upcoming month.

Quick fact sheet to be aware of when applying:

  • Voggt takes 8.9% commission on the final price of the sale if you are an individual seller — If you sell a £10 item, you will receive £9.11. The commission is applied to both the item sale and the shipping fees
  • As a professional seller with a valid VAT number, you will operate with a commission rate of 7.42% (exclusive of VAT). You'd be liable for VAT in their country and will be required to declare VAT on commission
  • As you’d be self-employed, you might need to declare your earnings with HMRC — you can check here if you need to tell HMRC of your additional income
  • The payouts are protected in a Voggt account for 7 days (held by Stripe, our payment provider) — if you ship your orders within 2 days of your show, your payout will reach your account in 10-12 days
  • As we use Stripe as a payment provider, we’ll only be able to onboard you in the countries Stripe is available in

See you soon on Voggt — we can't wait for you to launch your first show!

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