Policy on misbehaviors

To make sure Voggt is a safe place for all communities of collectors, we set a list of penalties in case of misbehaviors.


The first level of penalties is led by the community as there is the option for a seller to ban a user from the chat of his show if Voggt community rules are not respected.


The second level of penalties is led by the Voggt Team in charge of moderation.

Penalties on Voggt can be:

  • A suspension of comments for users
  • A suspension of bids for buyers
  • A suspension of shows for sellers


Here is a table with misbehaviors and associated minimum penalties.


Misbehavior Audience Penalty Minimum lenght
Insults/threats in chat User Comments suspension 1 week
Purchase with stolen credit cards User Comments and bids suspensions Definitive
Creation of a new account to bypass a suspension User or Seller Comments and bids suspensions or shows suspension Twice the initial suspension
Insults/threats in a show Seller Shows suspension 1 week
Counterfeits items sold Seller Shows suspension 2 weeks
Items never shipped Seller Shows suspension 4 weeks
Sales as a minor Seller Shows suspension Until the legal age is reached


Depending on the scale of the misbehavior, the penalty can be higher than the minimum.

At Voggt, we have a second chance policy, but if a member of the community is repeatedly misbehaving, suspensions can become definitive.


As a member of the community, you can report any misbehavior through this form to make sure our team will handle it properly.


See you soon on Voggt!

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