If you’ve been issued a voucher during one of our marketing campaigns, you should be able to see it as a banner on your Home page.

To use it, you'd simply join your next live and bid on the item or get an instant buy collectable for yourself.  


Usually there’s no rush for you to use it, most vouchers will be available in the app for another year, but the banner should have the expiry date just under the voucher value. 



Note: the voucher value can only be used in one go — the remaining credit will disappear once you bid on your next item. So if you were to use a £5 voucher on a £2 item, the remaining value of the voucher can't be used on another one — we’d suggest using it on items worth £5 and more to benefit from its full value. Shipping fee is excluded from the voucher value.

If you believe you should have a voucher in the app and don’t see it displayed as shown above, let our support team know and we can look into this for you.

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