Troubleshooting 🛠️ Tracking issues

Once you place an order on Voggt, you should be able to see the order as ‘Confirmed’ in the app and you’ll receive an email confirmation of your purchase, as explained here. 

There are a few issues that can happen with your tracking — if they do, please follow the steps below to report them to us.

Your tracking number is inactive or wrong

Sometimes the tracking number linked to your order might not work when you try tracking your order with your carrier. If the number is yet to be activated, it usually means the postman still needs to scan it on their end, but your collectables are at the post office.

If your tracking number is wrong or there’s been no tracking number added, fill out this form with the following:

  • Your username and item in question
  • Details about the issue regarding the tracking number

You see your order as delivered but haven’t received it yet

In the rare case where the order shows as ‘Delivered’ in your app, but the tracking number does not reflect that, reach out to us through the same form. We can make sure the status of the item is reverted back to ‘Shipped’ until your collectables are with you.

Our support team can then contact the seller for you to follow up on the shipping status.

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