Ambassador Badge

What’s the Ambassador Badge?

The Ambassador Badge is an exciting new badge that we released to recognise the biggest advocates within the seller community on Voggt. All sellers are eligible to qualify for the badge!

How do I earn the Ambassador Badge?

Every seller is eligible to earn the badge if they satisfy the following conditions:

  • Are in the top 5% of sellers for monthly sales
  • Have referred > 20 buyers (all time)
  • Complete at least 4 shows a month
  • Maintain seller rating > 4.7

Do I keep the badge forever?

No, you will have to satisfy the conditions on a monthly basis to maintain the badge, with the exception of the referrals 

When do I know if I qualify?

During the first week of each month, the team will review your metrics from the previous month and either assign or unassign the badge from your profile. 

What does the badge look like?

Here are some screenshots, the badge includes a border on your profile and in chat!


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