Referral scheme 💰

Our team has now introduced a referral scheme where collectors can benefit from referring the rest of the community. 

You can find your referral code in the Profile section of your app. Simply copy it and share it with your friends and social media following.
What happens next? 

When your friends create their account, they will get a £5 voucher. Once one of them makes their first purchase, you get £5 in return. The more people you refer, the more £5 vouchers you'll get.


Pro tips

For the time being, you need to use the value of the referral voucher in one go — if you were to use it on a £2 item, the remaining value of the voucher can't be used on another bid, so we'd suggest using the credit on items worth £5 and more.

What this also means is that quantity matters — the more people your refer, the more orders you can place. 

See you soon in the app for the new bids!

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