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We introduced two voucher schemes our collectors can benefit from, depending on whether you've been part of the community for a while or are new to Voggt.

We have a referral scheme for seasoned collectors, while new users can enjoy the welcome promotion. 

How do I find the welcome promotion?

A welcome promotion is available for all of our new app users only — the team is working hard to make this available on desktop in the future. At the moment, only signing up through the app would give you a welcome promotion. 



What happens next? 

Once you've signed up through the app, your welcome promo will be a fixed 20% discount on your first purchase of up to £20 value. You don't have to enter a code - the right amount will simply be deducted from the order once you participate in an auction.


If you purchase multiple items through the same show, the promo will thus only apply to the first item you've purchased.

On top of this welcome discount, don't forget that you can use our referral scheme to benefit from a second discount. Check out this article to discover how it works.

Pro Tips

  • % discount depends on the country you are based in 
  • % discount Is only applied to the item value and shipping would be excluded from the promotion.
  • The promo is non-refundable. Canceling the order does not get your promotion back

See you soon in the app for the new bids!

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