Minimum payment threshold


You’ve used a voucher to make a purchase, but you cannot complete the transaction because our app is telling you that you haven’t met the minimum payment threshold? No worries, we can help with that 👊


💰 When you place a bid on Voggt or purchase an instant buy item, the minimum payment threshold in the app is £0.30. 

If you used a voucher to pay for the order, you might’ve received an error message if this minimum threshold hasn’t been met. This can happen for example if you want to pay £10.20 while using a £10 voucher.

When this happens, you’re stuck and cannot complete the payment.

💡 The issue occurs due to a limitation from the third-party payment provider we work with.


🛠️ Our team is looking into implementing a better resolution for this issue, but for the time being, please reach out to our care team by emailing Our team will be able to sort that out for you. 

You’ll then simply have to:

  • Go into the Orders section of your app 
  • Tap on the right order and relaunch the payment from there 

Ta-da 🎉 Your payment is now processed.

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